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The Shallow End

Maybe I could cultivate a way
So I would only play
In the shallow end.
Being open only to the softest ripples.

Guaranteed a smoother ride.
Part dead inside.
Numbness colliding, 

Less wild.
Mild and flat.
The middle ground. 

No. I've already subscribed
To the higher ground.
Survived a tidal wave.
Braving it out.

S. Camplin


Relaxing into 
My own space, by letting the
Calm flood my heart/mind. 



You touched a part of me
I had not been to before
Unleashed a well
A messy hell
Intense and wired
Electricity fired.

Still burns.

S. Camplin


Whatever you need
To make you happy.  And I
Wish you well.  Always.


Spinning a yarn, while
Sitting with my knitting. Yeah,
Keeps me warm inside.



New chapter dawning.
A new hope. A clarity.
Anxiety gone.


Feelings with no place
To go. A wish to hold you
Close. A dream. A kiss.


Gentle soul. My love. 
You're the wind beneath my wings.
I'll miss you. Like mad.


You build your wall, and
I'll build mine.  But through the cracks
Is the place I miss.


Trust is a struggle
Reassurance desired
For a damaged heart



You fascinate.
I vacillate.
Forever fixed
On the spiralling
A lesson in love.

Yet caving in.
Cracks appearing,
In the stalagmite
Of my heart.

Ruminated light,
From a renewed
A clarity.
Reflected back.

S. Camplin


One look. One smile from
you. Can turn the blue into
Vibrant Violet.


The Cage

The cage is ephemeral.
Casts an illusory light.

The containment is nourishing.
An immutable force.

But the will to take flight,
Will leave it undone.

With unfettered singing.
Its bars fade from sight.

S. Camplin



I want to explore
Your darkest spaces
Until you
Make sounds
That echo
And make you shake.

I want to listen
As you glisten
From the very tips
To your crevices
As you harden
And soften in waves.

S. Camplin



Someday someone
Will make me feel
Like a somebody.

That day will be
Some day.
Maybe that someone is you.
Maybe that someone is me.

S. Camplin


Othering Me

It bothers me when you other me
And you put me in a restricted space
And place your idea of how I should be
Above my head.

Don't bother to other me
To emphasise my second sex
And place me in a heart-shaped box
That can dry up my creative juices.

Othering me is bothering me
'Cos it's all about what you would like
A woman to be like to maintain
The status quo.

S. Camplin


'Ineffable Me'

I'll take a cue from Kim.
Rock mother Gordon is a god.
Can I define me?
Can I find the real me?
Be the real me.
Just be.

Can I release the need
To be for you?
A woman who must do.

Yes, the ineffable me.
The indescribable me.
Free to be me.
All me.

S. Camplin


Eye Love...

Confusing, your eyes.
Eyes that give rise
To a thousand fantasies. 

Love in those eyes.
The eyes I could love.
Eyes I'd get lost in.

For me to lock eyes
For too long,
Would surely expose me.

How I long for your eyes.
To show longing
For mine.

S. Camplin


Worry Warrior

I'm waging a war.
A war on worry.
Anxiety the enemy.
Serenity my friend.

I'm pledging allegiance.
It makes total sense.
I'm now taking sides.

And as I gain traction
There'll be no retraction.
As the worries subside.

So I'm keeping my chin up.
Flying my flag.
And victory will be mine.

S. Camplin



She's here to welcome me
When I return home.
Solid and silent.
Never reneges on our deal.

Many times I have craved
For what she provides.
And moments when I'd like to replace her.
Magnanimous I'm sure.
She'd be happy to share.

A confidant.
She's significant.
One I will fiercely protect.
Solitude and I are the firmest of friends.

S. Camplin