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I'm not ashamed of
My love for you.  Just a shame
You pushed it away.


Like Rust

A connection
Void of trust,
Like rust, it crumbles.
Every attempt to repair it
Just chips away some more.
'Til all that remains
Is dust.
'Til it gets swept away.
One day...

S. Camplin


You took me to a
Dark place, and I deserve a
Lighter place. Still free.


Ahh.  The freedom of
Being with those who accept
You just as you are.


Odious Beast

It's not a pretty world
When your view is obstructed.
With harmful and hate-filled
Odious beasts.
Venomous cretins.
Avaricious, and callous 
And steely and cold.

The power they crave
Wrested in those they devour.
With fear feeding their engines.
Ingrained year on year.
Stripping away one more layer.
Another level of cheer.

And the beauty of the sky,
And of snowflakes, of tigers,
And of bees
Drifts further from view.
But thank god they're still there.

S. Camplin


A catharsis.  Ink
Making shapes that cap-
ture heaven and hell.


You.  You meant something 
To me.  Now just bittersweet 
memories, to keep.


Tit for Tat

I have no truck
With those who want to fuck
With my mind
And keep me reeling.

I'm taking respite.
From all of the spite.
The tit for tat.
You ain't all that.

Keep on wearing your crown
In the new town.
Coz I'm the queen now.
And I feel just fine.

S. Camplin


The Shallow End

Maybe I could cultivate a way
So I would only play
In the shallow end.
Being open only to the softest ripples.

Guaranteed a smoother ride.
Part dead inside.
Numbness colliding, 

Less wild.
Mild and flat.
The middle ground. 

No. I've already subscribed
To the higher ground.
Survived a tidal wave.
Braving it out.

S. Camplin


Relaxing into 
My own space, by letting the
Calm flood my heart/mind. 



You touched a part of me
I had not been to before
Unleashed a well
A messy hell
Intense and wired
Electricity fired.

Still burns.

S. Camplin


Whatever you need
To make you happy.  And I
Wish you well.  Always.


Spinning a yarn, while
Sitting with my knitting. Yeah,
Keeps me warm inside.



New chapter dawning.
A new hope. A clarity.
Anxiety gone.


Feelings with no place
To go. A wish to hold you
Close. A dream. A kiss.


Gentle soul. My love. 
You're the wind beneath my wings.
I'll miss you. Like mad.


You build your wall, and
I'll build mine.  But through the cracks
Is the place I miss.


Trust is a struggle
Reassurance desired
For a damaged heart