I have more of it
Than you'll ever know or see.
Resilient me.



Some may say I'm a fool for you.
But I don't care...It's you.

If I was a fool.
It was that I pushed you away.
Not to feel love.

I think of you every day.


So glad I met you
My catalyst for growth and
For change. A true love.

I want to get close
Get close to another
To a point where I feel more free
More whole
More at peace

I refuse to be a part of an union that starts with control
I refuse to be part of something which has power at its heart

I want to love
To feel loved
To give value
To be valued
To be vulnerable
To be strong
To be in control
To empower
To let go
To trust

That is my wish
My desire
My dream of this hour
To get close
To feel closer
To you
And to me

S. Camplin


When I think of sex
I think of you.  If you were
Here, I would show you


To reach such depths. Is
Truly a gift. To touch love.
To be here. To feel



Fuzzy Felt

A fizzy feeling
Starts filling my form.

The fear is fleeting
Feeling fuzzy and warm.

I fled from a fixed and formal rapport.
Confining, defining.
I'm fettered no more.

More fuzzy.
More fizzy.

A future of fulfilment,
And I'm forlorn no more.


S. Camplin


Black Heart

My black heart
When full of fear
Only ever leads to tears

My inability
My disability
Leaves a wasted well of love

Not fully expanded
Alone in the safe zone
A redundant defence

My black heart
A world apart
A world away from you


S. Camplin



That gentle descent.
That familiar scent.
As your dressings descend,
In a chaotic dance.
Some floating.
Some shaking.
Some whipping,
And tripping,
And filling the air.

A carpet of auburn
Returns us to there.
A resting, arresting,
A calling of calm.
To gather, to tether.
We all hunker down.
A consolidation.
A lift and a fall.

S. Camplin


You rocked my world. You
Blew me away. For all that
I forgive the bad.


The Fog

I feel it lifting. 
A gentle shift.
Exposing how far I have become adrift
From my core.

I'm sensing a fresh space.
To create again.
To reach.
To be.
To be me.
To love.
To love me.

And the warmth flushes through my torso,
And I let go.
I let it go.

I release all my past tense.
This shift is a gift.
It drifts, and I give thanks.
The fog lifts, and I let it.
This time.

S. Camplin


When you fell off my
Pedestal, it was me who
Got away...now free


Like Rust

A connection
Void of trust,
Like rust, it crumbles.
Every attempt to repair it
Just chips away some more.
'Til all that remains
Is dust.
'Til it gets swept away.
One day...

S. Camplin


You took me to a
Dark place, and I deserve a
Lighter place. Still free.


Ahh.  The freedom of
Being with those who accept
You just as you are.


Odious Beast

It's not a pretty world
When your view is obstructed.
With harmful and hate-filled
Odious beasts.
Venomous cretins.
Avaricious, and callous 
And steely and cold.

The power they crave
Wrested in those they devour.
With fear feeding their engines.
Ingrained year on year.
Stripping away one more layer.
Another level of cheer.

And the beauty of the sky,
And of snowflakes, of tigers,
And of bees
Drifts further from view.
But thank god they're still there.

S. Camplin


A catharsis.  Ink
Making shapes that cap-
ture heaven and hell.